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CHABAEBAE Better For Joints, Extra Wide & Thick Yoga Mat, Pilates Mat (72" L X 32" W X 1/3")

CHABAEBAE Better For Joints, Extra Wide & Thick Yoga Mat, Pilates Mat (72" L X 32" W X 1/3")

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Created by yogis for yogis!  We were unhappy with all the yoga mats we had and decided to design our own, and now, our customers love it!

Experience superior stable support with the CHABAEBAE Extra Wide & Thick Yoga Mat, designed to absorb impacts and provide cushioning. It's like having extra padding in every square inch!

Performance tested, better cushioning than most other mats thanks to the high density foam.  The anti-slip and anti-skid design ensures stable comfort for your workouts on hard floors and carpets.

32" wide allows more space for various poses and moves.  Wider and larger than regular yoga mats.  Perfect for floor workout, yoga, Pilates, rehabilitative exercise, stretching, etc.

Friendly to you and the earth.  Made of premium TPE material.  It is an eco mat, waterproof, easy to clean, and lightweight.

Dimensions: 72" long, 32" wide and 1/3" (8mm) thick.  Weight: 2.9 lbs or 1.4 kg.

Care instructions:  Wipe to clean with water.  Air dry before rolling up.  Store away from direct sunlight for better shape and longevity.  Light marks after use is normal and evidence of your hard work.

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Found the Perfect Yoga Mat - Look no Further!

This mat is like NO OTHER! I literally have 8-10 mats, and nothing compares to this mat! All my other mats are thin, flimsy, cheap and fall apart. This mat is made of high density TPE material (thermoplastic material), which is superior shock absorbing material design to protect our joints. I love working out on this mat. There is an utter difference in the way my joints feel after each workout! NO JOKE! I feel completely invigorated! Thank you Chabaebae!